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Akash left a comment with a link on my last post. The link is to a BDSM video site. The site seems fab with lots of femdom videos I have not seen before. Its worth a look. But, I am asking for help, dear blog followers, as I so often do.

Many of the videos have an awful echo effect and if you pause them it seems there is a copy of the video playing somewhere else which can be heard but not seen. Anybody know what’s going on or how to lose the echo?

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I am a beautiful woman


OK, I can’t pick. I have two  shots that I absolutely love. The first one was a completely spur of the moment pic but just works. I feel hot when I look at this. It was also one of my most popular shots.


The second one was a complete accident during a photo session. It remains my favorite shot of my lower back tat. A tat that is self designed and special to me on many levels. Contained in the representation of water and music and my sexuality and my favorite flower and my spiritual journey is the mark of my beloved.


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